Monthly Archives: September 2016

big-footOver the last few years more often than not it feels like we have had to take the slow route or the difficult route in most things. Partly that’s through life being life and also some of it comes from the way we’ve chosen to live our lives and the things we have chosen to value.

We’ve also had the last few years peppered with the most breath taking blessings that turned up just as we felt completely hopeless and all the barriers just felt too heavy to shift and too high to get over. My Grandad calls it providence and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the type of blessing that you look back over life and see again and again, that what you needed was provided.

I can often get caught up in the chop of the waves of life and yesterday I found myself reflecting and asking ‘why does all of this stuff keep happening?’ And not to go into every dirty gritty little detail of this stuff but here’s just the car related highlights… firstly the clutch went on our car and we faced the just sack it or fix it dilemma. Then our license plates got nicked. As an aside loads of people we’ve chatted to couldn’t work out why someone would do this…maybe it’s just I grew up in London that I am aware of the ‘benefits’ of such shenanigans, who knows…it’s so if you want to partake in any somewhat illegal activity and avoid the fines and charges that local friendly police officers or any other type of authority type people want to give you using their clever camera’s they can’t because you aren’t using your legit plates…they’re using ours…definitely makes speeding fines ‘cheaper’]. Then our car got broken into and the radio and a jigsaw were stolen. And then the van we hired that did have our parking permit in it but may not have been parked that well in our private car park at 8pm on a Friday night got fined. So we have paid a fine of £60 for the luxury.

So all little things, super annoying and frustrating things, inconvenient things but in reality no one died. But this is the stuff that wears us down, temps us to harden our hearts, temps us to kick kittens and laugh at people who fall over, temps us to let things be someone else’s problem not ours…

And it in my asking, the answer that came was…it’s a messed up, fallen world.


It’s not that we disserved it or we had it coming. It’s the reality of this world and the times we live in. And the response it should prompt is not to get hard or get even, or stick a finger to the world but that we should love it more.

Whatever we’re tempted to do, love and kindness are solutions that don’t perpetuate or add to it. We more we just look after ourselves and only the people that we think our worth mattering about the more we just add to a bit of a crappy world.

‘I found that it is the small everyday deeds of the ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay…small acts of kindness and love’

Gandalf, The Hobbit