‘A real challenge for “celebrity” Christian Leaders’

‘A real challenge for “celebrity” Christian Leaders.’

This is the comment that got me after reading Mark Anderson’s blog post, http://mikeyanderson.com/hello-name-mike-im-recovering-true-believer. I came across it thanks to a friend sharing the article and this comment was from their sharing not the original post. It’s an interesting article. Yet the comment feels so true of us as a culture, forget whether the celebrity is a Christian or not as its merely a niche group of celebrity-ism.

It concerns me that ‘we’ (the collective of followers) don’t seem to associate ourselves with the pedastal or the spot light that holds up the celebrity. You know that deep philosophical question “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, raising questions regarding observation and understanding reality. Well here’s a new one “if a celebrity, alone in a forest without a camera, acts in a wonderful celebrity-ish manner will anyone care?”…

Our attention is a deeply fought for currency…

It us, each individual one of us, that gives and sustains their status and thus the responsibility lies with us.

Coming back to Christian ‘celebrities’…
Barring a few, who genuinely are seeking celebrity status, in my individual opinion they aren’t looking to be celebrities instead we are creating them. What they are is leaders and we confuse them for celebrities seeking our currency as we dare I suggest we try to conform our Christianity to the world around us. We miss their heart desire, in their fallible humanness, to encourage us into deeper communion with the King of kings, Lord of lords…God,and confuse it with desire for attention.

How we treat leaders, how we think about them and speak about them is the real challenge for change rather than seeing ‘them’ as the ones who need challenging. So who’s up for a turn around? Myself included!


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