Monthly Archives: July 2011


I have this bad habit letting things get absorbed into how I’m feeling when really I don’t need to. The person who’s rude to you for no reason other than their day sucks or the abnoxious person yelling down their phone while you’re trying to read your book. Your days going fine but you end up absorbing other people’s negative emotions. Or if it’s London everyone’s rushing, everyone’s running out of time and it’s just not a nice environment. Maybe you don’t absorb these things like I do but my guess is you probably do. Sometimes it’s getting upset about the things we have no power to change but instead of letting what we can’t change go we worry and stress over it.

I wanted to remind myself throughout the day before it just gets a bit too much at the end of the day, to let it go…to drop it. The nice thing about drops of water that land on us is that our skin is waterproof and it just runs off. So to think of these things as drops of water that I should just let run off me as they hit me is a lot more beneficial than trying to let it all go when I get home and I’ve ended up carrying it around with me all day.

The top picture is a poster that greets me  when I come in the door to remind me to just drop it at the door and the lower is a drop drawn onto my hand. When I washed my hands or did anything where my hands got wet I’d have to draw it back on which act as another nice way of reminding myself.