Monthly Archives: April 2011

Sometimes it’s easier just not to say anything, or just kind of say something. Like I’m kind of working with some women and I might see if I can sell what they make back in England. Nothing in that has any commitment to it. This is not because I lack commitment to the two ladies, Jwona (left) and Surekha (right), I have been teaching some of the knitting patterns I’ve come up with. Instead it’s because failings hard and I’m scared of failing, I’m scared of not being good enough, I’m scared of letting people down and I’m scared of what people will think if these things happen. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you  look at it I can’t really help being honest about it. I think fortunately, if I’m honest people can stand with me where I’m at instead of where they think I’m at.

So I’ll say it out loud. I am working towards gradually working towards starting a business called Another Way…which will proudly commence in ‘backwards business’ (as I like to think of it), business that puts the maker first and not profits. It’s the dream way of doing it, the stuff it…I don’t believe it has to be done your way of doing it, I’m not going to sell myself out type of business way of doing it…the I’m really going to have to trust God and work hard and have another job to finance myself type of doing it way. Another way is not about making money for myself its about people, giving everyone involved hope in a practical way that speaks of how precious God made each and every person.

I am currently work with two women but this is not because of lack of women or need or opportunity but it has given me a chance to find my feet! We’ve been working together with knitting to make baby hats and learning cable knitting. These women live in a place called Indra Nagar which I guess can be described as a nicer slum. I feel awkward calling it a slum but the water only gets turned on for an hour each day and people are really poor here with a few slightly better off but only slightly. Its hard for the women to get work because they have to be home to collect water when its turned on and also the demands of having to cook and clean for their husbands, children and in-laws. By working with them so that they can be paid for the knitting items they make they can work around and between the other demands in their lives and get paid a good proper wage that could transform their lives.

It won’t just be knitting…says the knitting girl…a title I’ve given up trying to loose! As Another Way develops there will be other products made by working in parrtnership with other projects. There is a wealth of amazing projects doing good things looking for opportunity, who will be great to work along side.

The vision is not just to be Another Way and give people opportunity to earn a good income but also the Nyaay Project. Nyaay means justice in hindi. The Nyaay Project will be funding from a percentage taken when Another Way products are sold. The money will be invested in helping the community that the women live in. My first idea is to help fund the medical outreach plans of the local YWAM outreach team that goes to Indra Nagar. The inspiration is God’s justice. God took a group of people who the world treated as ‘worthless’ gave them a hope and a future and an inspiring identity to set their hearts free. Justice that looks to see people treated right, that reflects their worth in a country that does not value human life.

So it’s not a small thing but my prayer is constantly ‘Lord work inspite of my flakeyness, thank you that this is yours and not mine, thank you that I get to be part of this.’ This opportunity is above and beyond anything I could ever imagine, it’s they type of thing I’ve dreamed of but never imagined could actually be real. By saying it out loud it quiets the anxious feeling and gives me courage to do it whether it ‘suceeds’ or ‘fails’. I’m daring to take up this dream instead of being too scared to try.