Divine Accidents

Sometimes there is no other way of describing things that have come about on my Indian adventure other than by ‘divine accidents’. [An adventure that has become a ‘life view’ rather than just a frame of mind for being in India.] It’s pure grace that this is how it’s come about. There are so many things that I am in the midst of doing that have come about by no deliberate intention or even potential wondering’s of mine. Opportunities that have been placed in front of me for me to fall into by ‘accident’.

By ‘divine accident’ I have ended up becoming, till the end of March, a non-graduating, non-assignment doing, actual student of the SBS…School of Biblical Studies. If I had been told or lead or even encouraged to go anywhere with the aim of being there to study the bible, I’d have been very quick to say no and just as quick to say I can’t. Yet here I am sitting in SBS classes learning to understand and truly love the word, especially the Old Testament, in a way I didn’t think possible. My frustrations and confusion created by the intellectual bickering of theologians [especially the equally convincing polar opposite views expressed] had created a belief in me that I would always somehow have to except a vast gap between the Bible and my personnel understanding of it. Yet through a form of logical study that considers the Original reader and the historical context, the over arching theme and the more specific verse by verse or chapter by chapter themes, I feel that I can both relate and connect with this great book of life. I am finding new richness and truth and understanding in my faith and my God. Many of my questions of God’s character, especially regarding Justice and the Old Testament, for the first time are being dealt with. Which are pretty vital for someone who knows that in their heart they have a longing to see justice.

Another ‘divine accident’ has been a desire to learn Hindi…Kat ‘just about grasped English at the best of times’ Hall learning another spoken language…ha this must be some type of hilarious joke! But no, it’s a step of faith that seems far beyond my believed ideas of my ability to learn. I have found myself taking this step because again and again I have longed to open heartedly share my life with people here, to speak truth against oppression and believed worthlessness as my heart is lead but have been unable to. I have a desire to be build relationships with people in India to see restoration and life in their lives through overwhelming love of God. In learning Hindi there is the opportunity to sit face to face with someone as equals in real and honest fellowship…if it wasn’t for this hope and desire I would not even have the will to believe it possible for me to learn Hindi.

In both these ‘divine accidents’ it is a real demonstration of God’s grace at dealing with my fear and lack of confidence in learning. Much of my self belief and confidence was crushed while still at school as I studied A levels [English exams taken by school students conventionally at 18], having gone from excelling to severely struggling almost over night was beyond hard. It was a time when many underlying issues with being dyslexic [a common learning difficulty] could no longer remain so surfaced. Yet I remained for the most part completely unsupported educationally during this time. I went from being a bright confident student who loved to learn and was full of questions, to a struggling deeply frustrated student who believed they were stupid with no belief in their ability. It is this that has deeply hindered me considering any further study after surviving my degree. So what God did was to let me gently accidentally fall into it. Not just studying the bible or Hindi but also awakening my heart to India.

  1. isaacwjones said:

    I am so glad you’re loving India. Where are you now? What else have you been up to? I have only just found the blog, so I have subscribed and will be keeping an eye on you from now on!

    You’re in my prayers!

    • katflap said:

      I don’t think I could help it if I tried! It’s going to be hard to leave! Obviously it will be amazing to be home but oh I don’t want to have to think about leaving yet!
      Well I’m in Lonavala, which is about 2/3hours from Mumbai. I’ve ended teaching women knitting all over the place which was completely unexpected!

  2. Vickie said:

    Wonderful Kat, it’s so great to hear your inspiring stories. I also thought this quotation from The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck would help keep you strong: “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the making of action in spite of fear.”

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my purpose is and what I ‘should’ be doing… now I know all I need to do is stay open-minded and wait for His will.


    • katflap said:

      I like that quote, thanking you muchly! I think the most important part of the adventure is to love God with your all as the beautiful woman God created you to be. You were created for a purpose…your call and purpose are already within you.

  3. Janette hall said:

    in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us
    Have a read of Romans 8 v 31-39
    love you xxxMum

    • katflap said:

      🙂 ta much!

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