view from the outside

From the outside it might look like I am an artist and it’s also starting to look like I might be a missionary. But I am neither. But what I am is me, plain and simple, simple and plain. I’m just being me, who I was created to be. I don’t have a career and I don’t have a plan, I’m pretty cool with that. I’m wandering around arriving in places by divine accident. So I am not a missionary, I’m just a Christian doing life.

And I’m definitely not an artist. I don’t dislike artist but I don’t like the ‘idea’ of the artist in it’s separation from the craftsman. In the separation of art and craft, art decided to take assumed superiority by claiming the concept, the ideas and meaning, carried all the importance while the skill of the craftsman was believed to be inferior by the artist. Art got pretentious  and snobby while craft was pushed aside. Hence I am a designer, in happy medium between ability to conceive ideas and to create. I am a designer with no pretext. The meaning of purely being a designer is completely up for grabs which sits pretty well with me.

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  1. Janette said:

    Like your thinking

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