Monthly Archives: June 2010

Wanted to post this because I just really love these posters Kate did. They are ‘the application of spirograph to Century Gothic’. I particularly like the quote used “the real issue is not consumption itself but its patterns and effects”. I’ve often tried different methods of adjusting my own patterns of consumption, the most effective has been staying well away from shops when I feel just like buying stuff and trying to buy not want I want but what I’d be upset if I let it go buy. Especially I find this with clothes and its amazing how rarely I truly feel like I’d miss it if I didn’t buy it. Also another motivation that has always helped me in the prevention of buying ‘stuff’ is that if you have less stuff, you have less stuff to move around with you hence making going off and having adventures much easier. Plus the adventures are more likely to happen cause you didn’t spend all your money on stuff.

The long and short…have a wander through Kate’s work, it’s nice.