Shopworks…Stuart Bannocks

Badges...Stuart Bannocks

Hello My Name Is Stuart Bannocks And I Am A Designer

Last night went to the private view of Stuarts exhibiton and launch of his book of the same name at Shopwork. Shopwork is the new shop/studio of El Ultimo Grito that aims to be an outlet for works that question, explore, research and advance ideas on design. [ I’m not sure I’ve explain who EUG are…they are Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo. Roberto teaches at the RCA and Resario was one of my tutors at Goldsmiths, together and apart they are design changers.]

Stu has for a year made a badge day. Stu is just one of those people who you look at his work and like how his brain works…this project is a perfect example of this. Above are the badges a got out of the vending machine at the exhibtion…genius. Strongly recommend checking out the badges…Shopwork, 155 BELLENDEN ROAD, LONDON SE15 4DH check for more info on the exhibiton or the badge a day link to see all the badges


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