Madrid Design Net

A slightly doctored Madrid design net logo but quite reflective of how we flowed the Madrid Design net project structure…we didn’t. But what we did do in the workshop that I was invited to participate in by El Ultimo Grito who were asked to run a London workshop by MDN. 

The workshop was a week long workshop where we met each day. The way the week panned out was to give us time as individuals to think about how we feel and understand the concept of ‘city’. The workshop manifested itself as a daily ‘thinktank’ like discussion. I really enjoyed it. It was the type of dialogue that you wish you had more of in our creative lives. 

An area that interests me about the city is the feeling of togetherness and openness to others experienced during events such as heavy snow fall or Christmas. Everyone has time to speak to each other, to greet strangers on the street…the sentiment ‘we’re all in this together’. This sentiment is more recognised in the concept of the ‘village’ yet the perceived opportunity to engage in this sentiment is rare in the city. My interest was in considering ways to grow or share the idea of unitedness in the city.


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