24 hr Design and Make

24 hour Design and Make was a project I was involved with awhile ago. It was organised by Liam H and I came across this time lapse and thought I’d blog it.
“The event aimed to show a process, and experiment with design in its broadest sense by restricting the space, materials, tools, and time…50 designers and artists to work in a space for 24hrs straight with the end goal to produce an exhibition of work which was meaningful and interesting.”
I definitely was able to appreciate how much energy is required for thinking…especially creative thinking. 15hrs in we were struggling which lead to a set of simple repetitive activities lasting 1 minute. Each of us repeated the same activity as many as 50 times for 1 minute as our outcome.  We created a response that was unique  to the space, resources and the constraints we were subject to mentally and physically

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