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Badges...Stuart Bannocks

Hello My Name Is Stuart Bannocks And I Am A Designer

Last night went to the private view of Stuarts exhibiton and launch of his book of the same name at Shopwork. Shopwork is the new shop/studio of El Ultimo Grito that aims to be an outlet for works that question, explore, research and advance ideas on design. [ I’m not sure I’ve explain who EUG are…they are Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo. Roberto teaches at the RCA and Resario was one of my tutors at Goldsmiths, together and apart they are design changers.]

Stu has for a year made a badge day. Stu is just one of those people who you look at his work and like how his brain works…this project is a perfect example of this. Above are the badges a got out of the vending machine at the exhibtion…genius. Strongly recommend checking out the badges…Shopwork, 155 BELLENDEN ROAD, LONDON SE15 4DH check for more info on the exhibiton or the badge a day link to see all the badges


A slightly doctored Madrid design net logo but quite reflective of how we flowed the Madrid Design net project structure…we didn’t. But what we did do in the workshop that I was invited to participate in by El Ultimo Grito who were asked to run a London workshop by MDN. 

The workshop was a week long workshop where we met each day. The way the week panned out was to give us time as individuals to think about how we feel and understand the concept of ‘city’. The workshop manifested itself as a daily ‘thinktank’ like discussion. I really enjoyed it. It was the type of dialogue that you wish you had more of in our creative lives. 

An area that interests me about the city is the feeling of togetherness and openness to others experienced during events such as heavy snow fall or Christmas. Everyone has time to speak to each other, to greet strangers on the street…the sentiment ‘we’re all in this together’. This sentiment is more recognised in the concept of the ‘village’ yet the perceived opportunity to engage in this sentiment is rare in the city. My interest was in considering ways to grow or share the idea of unitedness in the city.

God Loves Peckham was a weekend of the church [All Saints Peckham] outside the building. It was based over two estates, the Atwell and the Pelican. I was based with my team on the Pelican estate. I was asked to take charge of the coming to be of a mural for the wall of a small community hall at the bottom of Crane house, largest building on the estate…it’s the tower block that can be seen from a distance. The wall already had an old mural on it…of snow scenes painted by children. Most of the children involved in creating the original painting are currently sitting GCSE’s and A Level’s. 

The design was inspired by the estate itself, each house on the Pelican estate is named after a bird. Every bird on the mural is one of the houses on the estate and all are included. The mural was painted by my wonderful team and kids off the estate over the weekend in between sun and showers, but always smiling. We even had one of the snow mural ‘kids’ helping with the new mural.

The mural isn’t completely finished as some colours needed second coats and slight amending at the edges, as no one was too small to help. It also needs to be weather proofed and attached to the wall as the mural is painted over 5 borads. More images will come as I get the time to fit in the extra work. Especially when it’s proudly attached to the wall!

24 hour Design and Make was a project I was involved with awhile ago. It was organised by Liam H and I came across this time lapse and thought I’d blog it.
“The event aimed to show a process, and experiment with design in its broadest sense by restricting the space, materials, tools, and time…50 designers and artists to work in a space for 24hrs straight with the end goal to produce an exhibition of work which was meaningful and interesting.”
I definitely was able to appreciate how much energy is required for thinking…especially creative thinking. 15hrs in we were struggling which lead to a set of simple repetitive activities lasting 1 minute. Each of us repeated the same activity as many as 50 times for 1 minute as our outcome.  We created a response that was unique  to the space, resources and the constraints we were subject to mentally and physically