Designer in residence

Not quite so exciting as it might sound…but i’m loosely now acting as a designer in residence at a London doctors surgery. So far it has involved quite small simple things like graphic design type stuff. One arising problem looking for a solution was for baby clinic. During baby clinic parents can come to see the health visitor to have baby weighed and also to discuss any queries or concerns with the health visitor. The current system is a basket where as parents arrive they place their red book [nhs record book that documents the childs health from 0 to pre-school] and stick on a numbered post-it note. This system means that parents don’t always stick a number on so there is disagreements and confusion.

In speaking to health visitors and nurses at the surgery and worked out that the best system would not be an improvement of the ‘post-it’ note system but computerising the booking-in while maintaining the session as drop-in. Doing it via reception on the computer had been tried before but as it was not properly implemented so it was given up on. I have discussed it with those involved,¬†receptionists, nurses and health visitors, so that everyone understands the changes so that it works well. Of course this also involves making a poster…they are hard to escape.

To clarify any confusion all normal appointments are booked using a computer but baby clinic appointments haven’t because the clinic is drop-in and also young babies aren’t always registered on the system so slightly more complicated but do-able.


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