Monthly Archives: January 2010

I really enjoy it when I get a burst of creative energy, when it’s exciting. It’s like a burst of hyper activity or thinking. I’ve got it this morning, when you wake up having ideas…and I don’t often get any further than my bed but out comes the laptop and sketch book and my studio is step up, spread across my bed. This morning I’ve been bursting about ideas for layout and concept realisation for a friends Zine idea. 

Recently I’ve had a number of bursts…friend was a good bursting day. I hung out with Katiemaybe. A group of us are entering an open competition for the Public Design Festival in Milan, now it in it’s second year. I amazingly had the opportunity to be involved with it last year when it was born. We’re getting excited about the idea of local philosophy. Check out the poem on Katies blog to get more of an idea.

And also working on the cover for a friends album cover…I like getting excited about having ideas : )


One of my Christmas presents was Design Muesum membership. I finally got the pack back and it included this badge.

Conserve…by serving. For me it’s community.