Design is dead…long live design

Matt Ward let me tag along to ‘Design is dead, long live design’ debate. The participants were from 2nd and 3rd year of the Ba design course and also for the first time also included master’s students. It was a good day at the debate and in the pub.  It was found that… 

“That design should not be made for an art gallery market, it is not context driven and it should not serve Industry. We also found that design should be playful and a problem solving activity whilst not being a survival instinct. We decided that design should be for the future and should aid social mobility whilst not being activism. Finally we worked out that design is blue collar and is ultimately pollution.” Read more about the debate and what’s happening in the Goldsmiths world of design at Goldsmiths Design blog.

It reminded me that one of the things that gets me excited about design is knowing how I feel about it and the strength of those feelings. I personnally think can effect the world and change it for the better…which in it’s self is pretty exciting. What’s disappointing is that I don’t think that many designers really know passionately what design is and why they believe in it.


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