Design debates design

‘Design is dead long live design’ nicely leads onto something else I kinda involved with, Design debates design. It came about through some interest in what was done at New Designers on the Goldmsiths stand.

So…’the concept behind ‘design debates…’ is to encourage both the public and the design community to engage in discourse around the topic of design. ‘Design debates…’ will fulfill the twin function of 1) designing and re-designing teh context and structure of ‘debate’, and 2) creating a lively atmosphere which allows designers and non-designers alike to explore, through debate, ‘what design is’.’

In thinking about this I came up with simple little almost flashcards that are turned over and reveal an informal point of disscussion around design.

I’ve also read Why I write the essay by George Orwell this week which has left me with some things to think about and also someĀ possible debate topics.


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