Just keep doing stuff…

“Just keep doing stuff” is the advise I remember hearing Sam Hill saying on how to deal with finshing your degree. This is what I’ve tried to do, successfully and unsuccessfully! Today feeling a bit depressed after a busy week of ‘work’ [waitressing and creche for an english language course] without doing any design but visited Ester Kneen today at a crafty type fayre she was doing, bought one of her lovely cards and got a bit inspired! Her advise was BLOG everything so you can see you’ve done stuff! So here goes…

I was thinking about recording things with drawing instead of a camera and made a view finder to focus on what your drawing.DSC03323

The drawing cam in action…just trying it out at South Bank.DSC03324

The postcards were very popular so I made an actual one aimed for print…If your interested in some I’ll be getting some printed for sale.DSC03329

Finally this is a piece I have been knitting for a gentleman. It was started for him by his wife 14years ago but he is now her carer and she is unable to knit. So I’ve been finshing it for them.DSC03328

  1. victoria said:

    Keep doing stuff Kat. I was in Foyles today reading a book from a south london girl who enjoys writing and drawing…it was her first published book and i rather liked it…it spoke about life and making stuff happen which we dream about. could you open up an art cafe in Peckham? rita and i were near the festival hall today and we saw they had a painting workshop…we made a beautiful painting together which we’re going to give a friend for her birthday. xxx
    lots of love victoria

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