Londontopia is a project I did in a workshop run by the Mobile Workshop Group. My group’s project was on Leisure in Trafalgar Square and the other group had work in the same space. Our project looked at the leisure activity of people watching in this unique space that is controlled through laws and officals to create a space that is an escape from the bombarbment of¬†outside influences that construct our views when we walk around london…or any urban space. People watching is the innocent activity that we engage in every day as we move around in our daily lives. People watching is the act of watching or seeing the people that we see every day in all the imperfection of real life and mundane activity that is what people actually look like.

The work will be displayed as part of a bigger exhibition at the Korean Culture Centre [just off Traflagar Square] which will be open as part of London Design Week. It is open from Wednesday 23rd of September…if your near by check it out!



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