Monthly Archives: June 2009


My Degree show, Pirate Utopias, is now over and went well. It was an interesting experience and now complete means that I am in the real world…a Designer with being able to hide behind being a student. It’s exciting but also a little terrifying. 

I got some great feedback from people at the show which was good to hear. I had a very interesting conversation with a friends cousin who goes out to Rwanda and works with woman who have lived through and seen the genocide there. She thinks my collaboraitve knitting events would work very well as a way to freely create and offer an oppertunity for the women to come together and talk through what they have been through. I am really excited by this and hope to find some organisations who I can work with to do this. So that’s a bit of a what next…

I have also been selected for New Designers, which is a big exhibition that my course will have a stand at, so this is another thing to be doing for now.

I’ll post pictures of the show soon.