Evolving process

Had a tutorial today with Martin and discussed my Viva Voca [Marked presentation of my final year project] and what I will put in my show. I explained what I was thinking about at the moment which is pure process. By this I mean designing where the process or activity is the outcome. This idea goes beyond there being an object outcome so there is no object as one is never made or it is deconstructed. This idea is reflected in the pieces that I am making at the moment. Martin pointed out that at the beginning of my project I was designing objects which progressed to designing activities that made an object but this was not the main outcome to now where I am designing an activity with a lack of object outcome. This is quite a big move from the beginning bit has been one that was not a jump but a gradual movement. And I think I will talk in terms of this in explaining the development of my project in my Viva.

Pure Knitting

The development of the interactive piece in my show…

[which will be accompanied by the piece of knitting created at Trafalgar Square and pieces of work that demonstrate my process]

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  1. I am the Canadian knitter whose ‘Mum’s Quilt’ you posted on your blog (from the V&A, I think)
    I have also been recycling/knitting up
    rejected paintings of mine, telephone wire, and copper wire (see knitting projects 1 and 2 on my website)
    I will be having a show in Oct ’09 called ‘Brushstrokes & Stitches’ comparing and contrasting the two processes! with a communal Knit-In
    to produce 8″ squares to assemble as another quilt to send to Afghanistan
    re: my Camosweaters project.
    Good Luck with your degree project and non-product research!
    all the best, Susan.

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