The end is within sight

Milan and the Royal Festival Hall both went well and have helped develop my project.  I will blog about both soon, the flickr pictures for Milan are up so you can check them out at knitme. I have finally got the nerve to write my project description. Feel free to comment I love your feedback!

This project began from a personnel interest in knitting. This developed into an investigation of what knitting was beyond a solitary knitter using a pattern to knit. By undoing, rethinking, and questioning assumed rules I have sought to understand and critique knitting as a practise and a mentality.

In the exploration of knitting I have come to design events and experiences which try to pose and capture the questions of my investigation. I have designed acts of collaborative knitting that use knitting as a means for social interaction, creating narratives and conversations in public space. People are invited to add to the knitting as they wish without the constraints of using a pattern, as copying a pattern to create is not reflective of a creative practise. The outcome of the event is not the finished object instead the act of the group making constitutes the outcome. This asks the question; is the outcome valid within the boundaries of design and knitting? Which has been extended to ask that if the object is not significant as an outcome then should it continue to exist when it could be deconstructed?


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