Knitting stories

I posted a topic on Ravelry to collect knitting stories and Trudib left this post

 “I got talking to a guy on the train two weeks ago. He had a mohican hair cut, pierced ears and was wearing cut off jeans and workboots. The reason I got chatting to him? He was sat there crocheting a very delicate white lace table cloth at the time. He said he’d been taught by a female friend and had been addicted to it ever since. He was a trainee plumber, worked on a building site and crocheted during his breaks despite the fact that his male colleagues all thought it was hilarious and mocked him for it.”

Technically its a croceht story but I stilled loved it.

And as a follow up to that…I want your stories…please. It can be anything you want a memory and experince…a bloke you saw on the tube!

All replys would be very much appreicated, thanks


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