what was it


I was bored and looked at my bookmarks at the top of my web browser. I went to my boyfriends site and was just just looking at Public papers, which looks at what is lost in alter ownership from public to private. This lead me to start thinking about what had been lost or given up with Knit me. 



What do people give up when they knit collaboratively like in Trafalgar square?

 They give up having power over the outcome of the object

They have no pattern to follow, even if they desired one

Choosing the people to knit with

Being told what to do…They are free to do what they want…given the permission to do just do, which the pattern doesn’t do.

Having to make perfect knitting…it doesn’t have to look good so they are allowed to try and stuff and also make mistakes….this only happens for some people as some people still worry about spoiling it which is not what knit me is about.

The ownership of their knitting once they are finished, Private ownership

Being able to sit and knit and ignore people

Which lead to

What do people gain?

Narratives with strangers that is cross cultural and class

Ability to share and experiment

What does the knitting do?

Invite passers by to join in, ask about the work

Bring people together

Not have a pattern

Gives a place to experiment

Creative interections and narratives between strangers

A communal activity 



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