Capturing the moment


Now I’ve caught my breathe after such a good day on Saturday I have a little time for reflecting. In doing this and chatting about it with Matt [head of my course] it highlighted one of the most lovely bits of the piece that makes it come alive is when you start talking about the stories that are connected to specific pieces. Personally one of my favourite pieces is the red piece at the far end, it was knit by a homeless woman called Florence. She almost leap on the knitting when she saw it and didn’t stop knitting till we were getting ready to leave. I filled in her label with her and she said she was just practising her knitting. Talking to her might not have looked like any moment of significance to anyone who witnessed it but for me it was. It just showed how so many of us came together with one piece. Just one of many stories that showed how the piece worked in so many more ways than a creative expression. As part of my documentation of the piece and the event I would love to gather the stories|memories of those who were there, so if you were there please could you email me at or post a comment to tell me about them! If it matters to you or something stood out to you I would love to you even if you don’t think it’s important! 

An example is a comment posted by Hippolyra  who said “it was really good fun, and awesome the way that people just joined in. there was a lovly Turkish lady next to me for a while, she barely spoke English, but we sat and knitted in companiable silence.”

  1. Nathalie said:

    One of my favourite moments was when a gang of young girls, most likely at Trafalgar Square for the Kurdish New Year, came over to see what we were up to. They started off sceptical, but then a shy one on the fringe of the group quietly said, “I can knit” and sat with us for a little while. I think she only knitted a few rows before her friends dragged her away, but it was cool to see her join in.

  2. Natasha said:

    For me, it was a brilliant experience – all kinds of people (particularly Florence who just sat and knitted, listening to all the chat while smiling and nodding), using all kinds of wool and stitches. I hadn’t been certain about coming along – I was right in the middle of being made redundant at the time, but it was the perfect pick-me-up and really made my day!

  3. The things that stood out for me were the mixed reactions from the passers by; some interested enough to listen to the explanation, others excited to join in for a few stitches and some dismissive at the project. Whatever their reaction, it’s always great to get one. Knitting really can seem to come across as subversive to some people!

    Another stand out memory was the moment you told us to let our imagination run wild and I took a mild panic wondering how awful my piece would end up looking. Then I realised that it really didn’t matter and felt it easier to let go and alow the stitches to flow freely. It was nice not to follow a pattern on a lovely sunny afternoon.

    Home made biscuits are another good memory from the day… yum! Always complimentary to time spent stitching.

    Looking forward to joining in again!

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