Trafalgar Square


Knit me Trafalgar Square happened this Saturday. We arrived in Trafalgar square just before eight thirty am, a challenge in itself. We sat down and got knitting and I spent the entire morning worrying about getting moved on by the police, the grey clouds that thankfully blew over and that no one was going to come. By 12 o’clock the first people from stitch and bitch had arrived. A big thank you goes to both Stitch and Bitch for their encouragement and telling lots of people about the event including Thank you to all the other people who also spread the word their were so many and I really appreciated it. As the the afternoon went on the work grew and it grew in ways I wasn’t expecting which was fantastic. The knitting drew lots of attention with many taking pictures and watching people knit, and I got the chance to tell lots of people about my project. 

The variety of people who came was wonderful and ranging from people who had heard before hand from web blog posts to tourists and visitors to the Kurdish new years celebrations that were going on at the same time. We varied not just in background and how people heard about it but age as well. This has given me lots of ideas to move on with and I have a fantastic piece of knitting as well which I can include in my final show.

Thanks again to everyone who came and also everyone who spread the word, especially to my faithful helpers Aisling, Kizzy and Henry! : )


More pictures will be coming soon, I’m just waiting to get them sent to me by my friend Henry who took pictures all day! check out his work at

  1. thanks for Saturday Kat,

    it was really good fun, and awesome the way that people just joined in. there was a lovly Turkish lady next to me for a while, she barely spoke English, but we sat and knitted in companiable silence.

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