Knit me at Trafalgar Square


knitme4This event is an event to capture peoples imaginations to what knitting can be and all the possibilities of that they could do with it. The piece of knitting is collaborative because it can not be made by one person it must be made by the group. As each person joins in they start work on a strip off the main piece and add to it in their yarn with their choice of pattern or design. My interests lie in the possibilities realised when people become excited by being creative and the possibilities of their ideas. 

If you have further questions you can email me at

  1. Lise said:

    Knitting is not for me, unfortunately!

    • katflap said:

      Thanks for putting it on the site even if knitting isn’t for you!

  2. Jane Ennis said:

    What a pity…I have a prior committment!

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