Knitting big

big communal knitting

the knitting splitting

Going public…I have had to narrow down what I”m doing more than once now. I think i’m pretty there with the narrowing and don’t need anymore. This aspect of the project is the social, getting knitting out their. Its reclaiming the streets, claiming back the public space…if you knit on public transport or when your out and about you’ll know the looks…It’s sharing in a public space. There are many ways to reclaim public space but I think it matters how you do it, what you do has to mean something. I believe knitting means alot, knitting is an ideology! On this point I’ve started to write a manifesto, which will soon come. 

The way I’m thinking about going public with this is knitting that requires lots of people to join into make it, which was suggested in my feedback. So that it can’t be made unless people join in and help do the reclaiming. Public space needs to be reclaimed for people or its just an act of me and a few friends taking up public space. Creativity isn’t something for artsy people its for everyone.


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