knit me

I’ve now done my prototype presentation which made me very nervous but its done now…my feedback was pretty much that the tutors like the social side of it which i do to. The other bit I like that i’m going to continue doing is knit me. Lots of people will have seen or heard about knitting tagging, knitting tagging is knitting attached to things in public spaces. This interaction with knitting is completely limited to seeing it but with my knit me pieces i am placing knitting into public spaces so people can see and than add to it.


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  1. dianestranz said:

    I think you are just totally amazing. I cannot wait to read your ‘manifesto’ when you get it finished. Please let me know. I left my blog address in a different comment: my personal email is and I am also on Facebook.

    Keep up the good work!
    Diane Stranz

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