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Knit me’s gone. It seems to have been removed from the bench. I guess it was removed by park staff as they check the park pretty regularly….But it won’t stop me!



Everyone is welcome to come along! Where | Brockley SE4,+Lewisham,+London+SE4,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=14.828519,39.550781&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FV5GEQMdUmf__w&split=0&z=16&iwloc=addr


[too see the whole image…its cutting a bit off at the moment to the right…..thanks Tom for helping it to work!] 

This is a short animation of how it could look. I hope to do this big knitting event on the 14th of March so thats 3 weeks! So I will have lots to sort out before that!

A way of engaging with knitting by both destroying it and creating it. The ripping part of the work is machine knit and then people hand knit to replace it. This not a dig at machine knitting but a way of engaging people with something they may have had no previous interest in and a physical action of knittings subversion to mass produced objects.

dsc01164[Wordpress doesn’t seem to like this picture so keeps putting it sideways…so sorry]

This is Ed learning to knit on the rip|knit.

dsc01167[And this one sorry…]

big communal knitting

the knitting splitting

Going public…I have had to narrow down what I”m doing more than once now. I think i’m pretty there with the narrowing and don’t need anymore. This aspect of the project is the social, getting knitting out their. Its reclaiming the streets, claiming back the public space…if you knit on public transport or when your out and about you’ll know the looks…It’s sharing in a public space. There are many ways to reclaim public space but I think it matters how you do it, what you do has to mean something. I believe knitting means alot, knitting is an ideology! On this point I’ve started to write a manifesto, which will soon come. 

The way I’m thinking about going public with this is knitting that requires lots of people to join into make it, which was suggested in my feedback. So that it can’t be made unless people join in and help do the reclaiming. Public space needs to be reclaimed for people or its just an act of me and a few friends taking up public space. Creativity isn’t something for artsy people its for everyone.

I’ve now done my prototype presentation which made me very nervous but its done now…my feedback was pretty much that the tutors like the social side of it which i do to. The other bit I like that i’m going to continue doing is knit me. Lots of people will have seen or heard about knitting tagging, knitting tagging is knitting attached to things in public spaces. This interaction with knitting is completely limited to seeing it but with my knit me pieces i am placing knitting into public spaces so people can see and than add to it.


I’ve set up another blog called knitting squares that is meant to encourage knitters to put down patterns and try creating their own objects. This is an important aim of my project in the part that I am focusing on current knitters and developing the engagement with their creative process. The point of this is to try and decentralise the pattern in knitting.

The other parts of my project are teaching knitting and creating the resources for knitting that does not focus on the pattern, and engaging people on a larger scale with knitter in a wider context.