ruth-ideaLike in anarchism where contracts and documents are burnt, I want to encourage anarchism in knitting…burn your patterns. I started with the idea of copying this cowl but as I had no pattern could see how it was made and started with no pattern. I thought I was going to run out of the wool I was knitting it in so I was thinking of ways round this. I thought about adding a strip of blue wool, as this would match the blue buttons that I am planning to use. I also realised in putting it round my neck to see if it was long enough, as I didn’t have a pattern to tell me when to stop, I realised that I could put the buttons joining the cowl end to end instead of end to side like this pattern here. If I had been following a pattern I would probably have just added the blue and not have come up with these creative decisions that lead to the change in the design. I can’t say that with a pattern there is no way that I would not have changed the design but whether I would or wouldn’t with this pattern it made me realise if I was making something else I wouldn’t just decide to change a pattern because the way in which I engage with a pattern means that I do not think in the way I did problem solving here which lead to a change in the design. This is a genuine act of creativity which although it is a term regularly used in knitting, creative decisions on there trueness are not picking colours and type of wool for a pattern that dictates every aspect of the knit other than these two choices. To be free to be creative knitters need to move away from the constraints of patterns and the form of creative engagement that is a part of using them.

  1. Doctress Who said:

    you are actually knitting, aren’t you?!?!
    I thought you were just kidding.

    Shock horror

    Can I have a funky hat for my birthday please?

  2. katiemaybe said:

    Yay you did it! That looks lovely and cosy.

  3. katflap said:

    Yes I’m actually knitting but its not about my knitting as much as other peoples.

    When’s your birthday?

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