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Thinking cables: A new knitting stitch I have created (kind of…)…a new cable knitting method…more fitting. It is made up of a series of channels where the knitter makes it up…chooses the structure of the cables as they go…I’m knitting examples and will ask knitters to try it and put the ‘pattern’ up on the web as an open resource and hopefully I’ll get some peoples responses…i will also do a learn to cable knit which teaches how to do with cables in the thinking cable method and not the repeatative traditional mathmatical nature.

Knitting pattern game: cutting patterns and stitches up and putting them back together differently so the outcome is unknown until completed…and a game ‘where’ the stitches are picked out…haven’t done it yet but I will.

Knitting day out: I’m going to take my mam out for the day to visit the V&A and maybe some other places to knit, we will knit freeform so turning rows and stitches as we feel like, in response to what we see and how we feel…I have no idea what the outcome will be but the idea is to get my mam to think differently about her knitting process and its potential…I will give mother dear post-its to note and record feelings and ideas and anything else she so wishes.

ummmmm until i remember something else that is it I think…

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  1. dianestranz said:

    I think your knitting day out idea is stupendous! It reminds me of an idea I hope I can someday pull off (I had the idea ten years ago, and it’s been on a back burner since then). I call it the ‘Art Tapestry Project’: a book which lies flat when opened (spiralbound), and has a poem on one side with a colorful piece of art on the opposite side, and packaged with a CD of music with a track dedicated to each of the opened pages (one poem and one artwork for each CD track).

    The idea was to get a local person to submit a poem, then the artist would paint/draw whatever was inspired by the poem, then a local composer/musician would compose and perform a short piece of music inspired by both the poem and the artwork. The reader/listener would then be privileged to participate in the creative process of three other individuals.

    Don’t you like that idea? You seem like someone who could really appreciate the creative possibilities of something like that.

    Diane Stranz

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