Happy tired little grump

Its a busy week the ball went well and the stuff made for the craft fair in depford this sunday looks good…still got ribbon and badge backs to add to the ceramic creations! I’ve posted my research quesitons on another knitting forum called ravelry.com and had a good number of responses, which is great to keep getting feedback on what knitting is to people…i think this is going to end up as a book. I also had a good context report tutorial with Seany Hall which has brought up some more areas of my concept like rule breaking. I have also created a new facebook group I DON’T KNIT for those who didnt join I KNIT, idea came from Seany Hall asking had i looked at people who don’t knit for whatever reasons, whether its prejudices or other reasons…um what else…I am going to make some frustration knitting needles, needles that snap and bend etc…this is to create the feeling of frustration for many people is a large part of what knitting is to them, especailly as beginners….heads to tired to think of anything else now


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