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Surely this shows all on its own that my project is valid! Knitting has a lot to answer for!


ruth-ideaLike in anarchism where contracts and documents are burnt, I want to encourage anarchism in knitting…burn your patterns. I started with the idea of copying this cowl but as I had no pattern could see how it was made and started with no pattern. I thought I was going to run out of the wool I was knitting it in so I was thinking of ways round this. I thought about adding a strip of blue wool, as this would match the blue buttons that I am planning to use. I also realised in putting it round my neck to see if it was long enough, as I didn’t have a pattern to tell me when to stop, I realised that I could put the buttons joining the cowl end to end instead of end to side like this pattern here. If I had been following a pattern I would probably have just added the blue and not have come up with these creative decisions that lead to the change in the design. I can’t say that with a pattern there is no way that I would not have changed the design but whether I would or wouldn’t with this pattern it made me realise if I was making something else I wouldn’t just decide to change a pattern because the way in which I engage with a pattern means that I do not think in the way I did problem solving here which lead to a change in the design. This is a genuine act of creativity which although it is a term regularly used in knitting, creative decisions on there trueness are not picking colours and type of wool for a pattern that dictates every aspect of the knit other than these two choices. To be free to be creative knitters need to move away from the constraints of patterns and the form of creative engagement that is a part of using them.

Things I am working on

Reading…lots of it

Thinking cables: A new knitting stitch I have created (kind of…)…a new cable knitting method…more fitting. It is made up of a series of channels where the knitter makes it up…chooses the structure of the cables as they go…I’m knitting examples and will ask knitters to try it and put the ‘pattern’ up on the web as an open resource and hopefully I’ll get some peoples responses…i will also do a learn to cable knit which teaches how to do with cables in the thinking cable method and not the repeatative traditional mathmatical nature.

Knitting pattern game: cutting patterns and stitches up and putting them back together differently so the outcome is unknown until completed…and a game ‘where’ the stitches are picked out…haven’t done it yet but I will.

Knitting day out: I’m going to take my mam out for the day to visit the V&A and maybe some other places to knit, we will knit freeform so turning rows and stitches as we feel like, in response to what we see and how we feel…I have no idea what the outcome will be but the idea is to get my mam to think differently about her knitting process and its potential…I will give mother dear post-its to note and record feelings and ideas and anything else she so wishes.

ummmmm until i remember something else that is it I think…

modelling beginsA mjor health risk but yet still we took over the first year studio to begin modelling started so well ( I was excited and so was Aisling…a minority)

Making frustration wool

The making of frustration wool. For many knitters  in the learning of knitting it is a massively frustrating process, but as knitters develop their skill this characteristic is lost in the knitters understanding of knitting. For the regular knitter who knits on the whole without thinking this forced frustration, which breaks the rythme of the knitters process, changes the way the knitter engages with the work and the intention is to in the fragmentation of the process encourage bringing variation into the knitters process.knitted frustration wool

Knitted frustration wool from the front.The back of knitted frustration wool

Knitted frustration wool from the back where all the pieces can be seen to be tied together.

Packaged frustration wool

Its a busy week the ball went well and the stuff made for the craft fair in depford this sunday looks good…still got ribbon and badge backs to add to the ceramic creations! I’ve posted my research quesitons on another knitting forum called and had a good number of responses, which is great to keep getting feedback on what knitting is to people…i think this is going to end up as a book. I also had a good context report tutorial with Seany Hall which has brought up some more areas of my concept like rule breaking. I have also created a new facebook group I DON’T KNIT for those who didnt join I KNIT, idea came from Seany Hall asking had i looked at people who don’t knit for whatever reasons, whether its prejudices or other reasons…um what else…I am going to make some frustration knitting needles, needles that snap and bend etc…this is to create the feeling of frustration for many people is a large part of what knitting is to them, especailly as beginners….heads to tired to think of anything else now

If you want to see the pictures in the previous post that is not behaving they can be found on flickr at

Other than that I’ve got nothing to say cause this week i have the cafe twice, the ball, the depford craft stall for the degree show to make more broaches for, my final mentor session before christmas, context report, to make something to go in the show effectively by the end of this week, two hard core rugby sessions…ooh and a project….the short answer would have been : ( or idiot