more what is…

I have added to my list of interesting knitters to contact. I have also heard back from Freddie Robbins who has very kindly agreed to speak to me about her views and opinions on knitting, which I am very excited about as she is such an intersting and prominant figure in knitting but also craft. I would recommend that people check out her work!

I also put my research questions on a the forum for the anti craft and have had some great responses from the other side of the atlantic. A little closer to home I messaged all the members of I KNIT, my facebook group set up for this project, with the questions and have had more responses.

What I am drawing out at the moment from the answers is the diversity of answers and also the similar feelings. Something that has interested me is that one person had learnt to knit as a way of “communicating with her [grandmother’s] memory” when she died, this caught my attention as earlier in my blog i posted about a woman who had unraveled things to reknit them as part of her greiving process. It did this because it was a meaning that I hadn’t realised. Other themes that have come up that are less suprising are its comfort, relaxing, therapuctic qulaity, creative, making, enjoyment of the process…but now its defintaly time to go to sleep while i can still choose to do it!


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