Why and what is it…

After my mentor thing I am asking people…especailly those doing interesting knitting, wierd and the completely down right bazar…a number of questions….

What is knitting to you?Is there a piece of your own work that captures what knitting is to you?
Why knitting?
How do you feel about the craft of knitting?
Who do you see your knitting being for?
And finally, What do you think gives crafted objects value? or Where does the value come from?

So far i have contacted

izzysheepIzzy Lane http://www.izzylane.co.uk

germaine-koh-knitworkGermaine Koh  http://www.germainekoh.com/knitwork.html

Freddie Robbins

yokooYokoo http://www.flickr.com/photos/yokooyokoo/

Norah Gaughan and the list will continue…

I have also been recording the knitting stories i have colected in one place which helps to give me ideas… some of the stories are amazing


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