maps and mentors

This is a resized version so does not look right…especailly the terrain pattern, its more intricate on the original! If you can’t see it here go to my facebook group and the picture is also placed there.

This is my territory map. I gave my project physcial form and used contor lines to show this physical territory. The height of the area reflects its importance in the project, the heigher the more important. The area’s also have terrain which is shown in knitting stitches, the more complex the stitch the more challenging i perceive the area to be, which I do not see as negative.

Going into my first mentor meeting I was happy with where I was but didn’t know how to start researching moments. Martin thought it was key for my project to understand why, what and who for. Also I am going to start researching value which is what brings the idea of precious moments and craft together. I am also guna do alot of talking to people to find out those why, what and who for answers from knitters, even though my project is starting to take a slightly broader outlook than just knitting and more craft. The idea of value will be really key area from my territory in this research. Martin has also recommmeded trying to talk to Freddie Robbins about why she knits and what she see’s it as which would be very interesting.

At this point in time my project feels like it is going fine with lots of ways to go but the very idea of my contextual report is slightly terrifying…actually swap slightly for completely! But in the research i hope it will become less daunting!


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