knitting users


My personnel favourite of the knit tattoos i’ve found so far…a type of knit user group I had no idea existed.

img_5507I thought it was a hoot to get these. And before the peanut gallery chimes in… YES, I did think about which arm to put which phrase on. I wanted the right slanting decrease on my right arm… the left slant on the left. The way that i imagined it is that it mimics the shape of my body \ / on the top. And if I decide to I could get the opposite / \ on my hips. HAHA” Punk Rawl Purl.






John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood

This level of commitment from a football fan, John Portsmouth Football Club Westword know as the most obsessive football fan, seems less obscure and more exceptable than the much less obsessive knit tattoos.

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  1. leti said:

    i like the tatoo fingers of the first pic !

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