Looking at knitting on the V&A website and found this

Share your Knitting
with Others

Send us a picture of anything you have
knitted that is not a garment, and explain
a bit about it, and we’ll add it to our knitting
database below.

and this is some of the work that interersted me most


‘Mum’s wool quilt sewing up in process’
Susan Hillman
4 October 2007

My mother taught me to knit when I was 4 (1949 in Britain). When she died (2004 in Canada) as a way of coping with my sadness I unraveled her hand knitted sweaters and used the yarn to knit these quilt squares. I am in the process of sewing them up now.

This project is beautiful and poetic. I had thought a little about the ownership of knittied objects before seeing this, so when you are given a knitted object made for you, are you allowed to unravel it and knit something else…or is there to much that is tied into that object…joint ownership…that prevents this ripping and recreating with. I’m not sure how I feel about it, as it is so personel, for myself i would feel additional loss to loose there work. But maybe part of the gain was working with what they had felt and knitted with, almost repeating being with the person.


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