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My feed back wasn’t negative but did raise a couple of issues. Such as the broadness of my territory and needing to narrow it down a bit. I think this is happening naturally in my project as the contemporary reinterpretation of knitting is a really interesting area as a research area but I can’t see myself placing work within it. Knitting heritage, both false and real, is another area that will drift from the main focus of the project as it pulls the area in yet another direction that I’m not sure what to do with. I am still going to collect knitting stories and memories as this area out of personnel interest and an area of the project.

Issues were also raised around who was my user and in addition to this understanding the mentality of the craft maker/hobby knitter especailly those who relay on or like using a pattern in its exactness without any desire to be creative. Also why knitting?, different user types and what drives them. The user I had in mind for my project is the beginner or recent beginner, people who have learnt to knit but forgotten or just want to learn for the first time, and with this user group help them by filling the gap between having learnt and being able to use knitting patterns. I also want to encourage a desire to create/be creative in developing confidence. I think it would be helpful to my project to consider more users or user groups as I haven’t really considered any other user than this one.

I want to do knitting because I am really interested in teaching as I find it to be something I naturally do. Knitting is a craft that is being taught in classes where in the past it had been a paced on skill. I want to explore how it is taught and addressing the prejudiceses that people have when they learn to knit. And help people to realise the potentials of both their own knitting and knitting as a craft. And it is within this context that I have want to use knitting above other crafts, is that knitting is way of making like a sewing machine allows fabric to be turned into things instead of a form of decoration. With knitting I have enough knowledge and expeience to teach where say crochet that has them ability to be used to make I am not as confident with. I feel this is a justifable reason as my project is not about me knitting.

Creativity ExperimentThe first of my simple knitting experiments has been passed out. It has been given out with the simple instruction of add to the piece and then pass it on. People are expected to make it clear where the change has happened wether with a different colour or a new material. This experiment is aimed at seeing how ingenuitive and creative people will be, “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will suprise you with the ingenuity” George Smith. I intend to give out more, there will also be variations on how they will be passed out.

Developing The Elsa Jumper

I’ve been developing the Elsa Jumper pattern to include other sizes as the first jumper was Tiny size. I have added a newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6months size to the pattern and I am currently formatting it so that it can be handed out as there is already interest in the pattern. The Elsa jumper is the First of my simple patterns, it will also act as research to how people will respond to a more free pattern. Will people be creative?


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