Monthly Archives: October 2008

In an off hand comment my mam made about trying freestlye knitting I found a completely new area to my project. I want to look at knitting out of its traditional context, alongside still looking at my other interests. I have looked at the work of Freddie Robins, Knitta, Janet Morton, J Merdith Warner and Masquerade. There work has shown individually new contexts and it is looking at this work that I want to find my own context. In exploring the idea of unknown outcomes in knitting I will start a series of experiments, of passing knitting between people with no rules.


Talking about the projects in threes reasured me that I know my project area. With talking about our projects I found how much there is in the area I want to work within. What came out of talking was the potential for the project to be realised in a service. Other parts of my project area that were realised today was my interest in the time investment and its value over bought items, also the stories in passed down craft items.

Today was the beginning of a week of drawing our projects. I found this hard as it was difficult to draw my ideas. But it was in the drawing that as I got stuck that Matt said I should be drawing ways to teach it and knitting machines that I realised another aspect of what I want my project to be about. Teaching people is a definite part of enabling and encouraging people. As I am looking at this as a design problem I am also looking and critiquing the way in which people are often taught, which leaves them giving up or loosing enthusiasm.

In making a tool for encouraging creativity and fuel it where the starting skill base is low or new, I’m working on patterns that are made up of only squares. Squares are basic and even when someone has just started knitting can knit squares. Most ‘easy’ knit patterns aren’t actually very easy for the beginner knitter, this squashes interests in creating through frustration. I want to try and create patterns that truely are ‘easy’ and also encourage people to go beyond the pattern. By this I mean people have a tendency to keep exactly to the pattern, not even changing the colours of a pattern which means they don’t draw on there own creativity or develop it.

Welcome to the Kat flap, the blogg of my final year design project. Its been an interesting start to the term with little point in dwelling on it but after a ‘Rosario’ things are looking up and hopefully that’s dramas done with for the year…..9months. Initially I started exploring my interests in consumption but as it was unfruitful and not helpful to me, I am leaving it for the time being. Over the weekend I am going to prototype prototype prototype projects that got me excited earlier in the course. I am also going to start thinking about encouraging creativity, more specficially aimed at people with basic skills who have a desire to be creative. The idea is about enabling, building confidence and skill, so that the persons creativity can flourish.